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Whichever country you are from there are several differences when planning your trip to New Zealand.
Many travellers think of this country as a small island off the coast of Australia-Wrong it's a 3¼ hour flight from Sydney to Auckland a distance of 1339 miles or 2156 kilometre.
A similar flight from London UK would take you to Libya or Romania.


Travel in New Zealand is on roads not Motorways, the maximum speed limit is 100 kph however you will still find that your journey will not be tedious. Most trips have little or no holdups once you are away from the large cities It is a long drive from its northernmost tip to the most southerly point, about 1700 miles (2800 kilometres). Look up driving times and remember that these are a best time which does not take into account hold-ups, rain, accidents etc.
Take your time and enjoy our wonderful scenery, Auckland to Taupo can be done in 3½ hours but allow for coffee breaks and viewpoints and take about 4½ hours. By that time you will have been in the car for a long morning or afternoon.
Many visitors try to fit far too many towns into their holiday. For a 16 day stay we recommend 2 or 3 nights in each of several locations. Taupo must be top of your list (OK we are biased but give us a look-you will not be disappointed.
Auckland, Coromandel Peninsular, Rotorua,Russell (Bay of Islands) and the West coast. If you fit all these in you will still drive arbout1400 kilometres.


Try and get a flavour of each area, each has its own focus and scenery to admire.
You do not want to be stuck in a car for up to 7 hours, limit your driving to 4-5 hours each travel day.
A suggested itinerary assuming arrival in Auckland is
Arrive Auckland 2 nights
Drive to the Bay of Islands (Paihia or Russell) 3 nights 253 kilometres (157 miles)
Drive to Raglan 2 nights 412 kilometres (256 miles)
Drive to Taupo 3 nights 198 kilometres (123 miles)
Drive to Rotorua 2 nights 82 kilometres (51 miles)
Drive to Whitianga 3 nights 232 kilometres (144 miles)
Return to Auckland 1 day 188 kilometres (117 miles)
If you are here for longer add in Wellington and Napier or, for a lengthy stay think about 10 extra days and travel in South Island.

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